Airgofx: Simply More for your Money

Simply More for your Money

The world of currency exchange agencies is not an insignificant one. In fact, as a customer, it can feel rather over-saturated. So many companies, so much advertising; how to differentiate between them?

While we are unable to give you a low-down on the entire market out there, what we can do is tell you why by choosing AIRGOFX to handle all of your travel money concerns, you can cut out these menial comparisons and checks, and get to the heart of the matter itself: preparing for that all-essential holiday.

Not Just Cheaper Rates. The Cheapest Rates.

For starters, at AIRGOFX we can (and will!) consistently guarantee giving you the very best exchange rates across the UK, whether you're buying or selling currency. This means receiving far more for your money than anything the post office, airport, or even your bank could offer.

We’re committed to remaining competitive, and part of this is offering our customers 8% more for their money than the post office.

If that’s not an economical choice, what is?

But That’s Not All

In case this were not enough to persuade you of the easeful and efficient joy that is AIRGOFX, our postal delivery service - for anyone in the UK - ensures that even those who cannot make it down to one of our three branches (or has forgotten their vital holiday cash with only days to spare), will receive their currency to the front door within 48 hours of ordering.

No time to pick up your money? No problem.

Here Through Thick & Thin

At AIRGOFX, we don’t believe in simply sending you off with your travel money and closing the door. We strive to be there with you every step of the journey.

Not only do we manage your financial needs while you're abroad - providing you with the best rates wherever you are with our prepaid currency cards - but we also like to give our customers a constant stream of little extras, so that you can focus on the highlights of the trip, content in the knowledge we’ve got the rest covered.

Sorting it All; From A to Z

Asides from all the crucial monetary support, protection from international fraud, and our promise of the cheapest money transfers in the industry, we provide our loyal customers with a few meaningful and stimulating treats on top.

Hence, within the pages of our website, you can find weekly articles on some of our favourite captivating spots across the globe, as well as some tips to help you along the way. Yearning for a vacation but unsure where to go: look no further.

Looking to the Future

Believing as we do in keeping up with every step of the digital world, recently, and with pride, we unleashed our Currency Exchange App: AIRGOFX.

Forget computers. With our App, you can order currency on your phone - wherever you are - and have it delivered to your home using our special insured service, or come and collect it at any one of our nationwide stores. Our App also includes a live currency converter, so that you can regularly review our exchange rates and exactly what you will get for your money - with our vow of no hidden fees or commission. Don’t like the thought of entering your card details yet again? No need. Simply pay when you collect.

Oh, and did we mention our App is free?

At AIRGOFX we really do go the extra mile in caring for your every travel need. From guaranteeing the most for your money, whatever your location, to inspiring confidence abroad, we’ve got you covered.

Published date: 27/03/2018