Wasted travel money: what should you do with unused foreign currency?

Who hasn’t stashed leftover travel money in a drawer or a box at home for future use, only to never see it again? What’s the use in a couple of notes of foreign currency, anyway?

Ever heard the saying every little helps? In the case of unused foreign currency, it certainly does. While your household may only have a couple of notes here and coins there, added together, British households are sitting on quite a pile of unused currency.

Indeed, reports have shown that within the depths of the average British home there rests an average of £110.45 in leftover travel money.

Added up, this amounts to a potential £2.92 billion; towers of discarded cash and mounds of discarded coins.

Rather than being exchanged back into sterling, or actually used on a subsequent trip, the majority of foreign currency stews in the recesses of countless homes.

So, what should you do with your unused currency?

There are various things you can do with your leftover travel money.

First, you could consider storing your unused currency someplace you will actually remember to retrieve it from before the next vacation.

Secondly, you could donate your unused coins to one of the charities that run schemes for this: Alzheimers Society or Oxfam.

What about selling your unused currency?

If it’s a substantial amount, you could sell your leftover travel money and convert it back into sterling.

That’s where we come in.

Unlike many bureaux de change, ACE-FX offers unbeatable (no, really) exchange rates and 0% commission on buybacks.

It’s really quite simple. Come in store or send your currency to us by post, and we’ll give you the best exchange rate on the market for your unused currency.

OK, let’s be really specific. We’ll give you 8% more back than the post office. Or 15% more than the airport.

Stop letting that unused currency gather dust. We’ll take it off your hands.

For more information on our buy back service, head over to our Sell Currency page.

Published date: 04/09/2018