Earn money with your leftover foreign currency

So many of us have leftover foreign currency swirling around our homes in forgotten wallets and dusty drawers. While it often seems insignificant, this currency does add up, often to an amount that would surprise you. In fact, the average holidaymaker returns home with around £70 in leftover currency – which usually ends up unused or misplaced.

Still recovering from the expense of Christmas and New Years, it could be the perfect time to swap your unused currency for pounds and get a little extra cash in.

So, why not convert your leftover foreign currency into valid cash?

How can you ensure you get the most for your money?

Unfortunately, many people are discouraged from selling their leftover foreign currency by the poor rates offered and the extortionate commission charges. As well as doing some research before you sell your currency, you should avoid selling it at the airport.

But we’ve got some good news.

We’ll buy your leftover currency off you

Not only do we have some of the most favorable rates for selling currency, nationwide, but we’ll buy your leftover currency with a 0% commission charge (a rare thing indeed, these days).

On our website, you can enter the foreign currency amount and immediately review how much you will get for your money. You can then compare this to any other rates you may have found.

And if it’s stats you need for convincing: we’ll pay you a (proven) 8% more for your leftover foreign currency than the Post Office.

Come in store or send your currency by post

You can come and drop your foreign currency – and receive usable pounds in replacement – at any of our four London stores. We’ve got two branches at Canary Wharf and one at London Bridge and The Shard.

And if you can’t make it into one of the ACE-FX branches, no problem. We offer a Royal Mail Special Delivery service, so you can simply send us your currency, and we’ll send you your money.

It really is that easy.

For more information or to compare rates, head over to the ACE-FX website.
Published date: 31/01/2019