For the Adventurous Only :: The AIRGOFX Top 6 Scuba Holidays

Hello again everyone and welcome back to the AIRGOFX blog, where we go the extra mile (and then some) to show why we’re more than simply the most reliable travel financial firm in the United Kingdom. This time out, we’re offering up a treat for all you scuba diving enthusiasts out there in our readership with our list of Top 6 Scuba Diving Holidays from around the world.

If you're feeling adventurous as your summer begins to wind down, perhaps one of these exotic locales will be just what you need to expend some of that energy and head into the fall energized by the amazing underwater visions you encounter. To help you along the way, here are the Top 6 Scuba Sites we unearthed.

Best Scuba Diving Trips in the Red Sea

Nestled between Egypt, the Sudan, and Eritrea to the east and Saudi Arabia and Yemen to the West, the Red Sea offers a veritable bounty of incredible opportunities for scuba divers. Nowhere else in the world can you witness such a staggering variety of underwater environments, coastlines, and marine life as you’ll find in this historic strip of the sea.

In fact, there is such an abundance of fascinating diving options here that we’ll be sharing two different sites with you today, one each from the North and South Parts of the Red Sea. We’ll begin with an exciting spot in the north:

The first and most popular spot in the Northern Red Sea is the resort locale of Sharm El Shiekh in Egypt. Here, divers of all levels of experience can find just the proper dive for their ability and ambition! With an incredible array of marine life, gorgeous coral reefs, and one of the grandest shipwrecks in the region, Sharm El Shiekh has much to suggest itself for your scuba holiday.

Further south, you’ll find diving spots that are typically less crowded and more appropriate for the experienced diver. There are many attractive options in the area, but we recommend the spectacular thrills of Marsa Alam, one of the newest and most exciting dive spots in all of Egypt.

The Great Barrier Reef

As any diver who’s been there can tell you, there’s no better place in the world for a memorable scuba experience than the Great Barrier Reef off the northeastern coast of Australia. Quite literally the largest living organism on the planet, the Great Barrier Reef is over 2,000 km long and is practically a universe unto itself.

Needless to say, there are countless opportunities for invigorating scuba explorations in this huge area, but after hours of soul searching, we’ve concluded that the following pair of spots truly stands out, even among such a group of underwater all-stars.

The first Barrier Reef dive we suggest is in the area around The Yongola Wreck. The S.S. Yongola sunk in 1911 and was not rediscovered until 1958, at which time the site of its unfortunate demise quickly became the most popular scuba spot in Australia. And with good reason too, we might add, as in addition to the inherent fascination of the wreck, the reef itself is nothing short of glorious here and also boasts marine life that ranges from Giant Turtles and Sea Snakes to the occasional presence of the mighty Tiger Shark.

Second on our list of top Barrier Reef dives is a spot called Cod Hole. Accessible to even first time divers, Cod Hole presents little to no current and allows for easy visibility as well. Perhaps best of all, Cod Hole offers plenty of up close encounters with a variety of friendly marine life, including the huge Potato Cod for which it’s named.

The Philippines

The last pair of spots we’re going to explore is located in the Philippines, a chain of over 7,000 islands that stand in the middle of the Coral Triangle and its almost endless opportunities for fantastic scuba diving. Although it was again difficult to narrow our list down to just two spots, here are a pair of dives in the Philippines you're certain to be wild about.

First one our list is the Monad Shoal Dive, which is located in Malapascua on the island of Cebu. Nicknamed 'Shark Point' for the abundant numbers of the rare thresher shark in the vicinity, you'd best be prepared for a high dose of adrenaline if you choose to dive in these waters. Monad Shoal also boasts tremendous coral beauty and a bevy of other marine life such as the manta ray, the pygmy seahorse, and the unicorn fish!

Last but certainly not least, we also recommend the Puerto Galero Dive on the Philippine island of Mindoro. Here, beautiful beaches give way within a single kilometer to dive that's both rich in unique marine life and full of lush seascapes. Though a bit calmer than the Monad Shoal Dive, there are still plenty of thrills in the Puerto Galero.
Published date: 27/10/2017