How to Travel in Luxury

Last week we explored how to travel on a shoestring. This week we’re looking at how to do the exact opposite of that.

What’s the most luxurious way to travel? How exactly does one travel the world like a King?

ACE-FX dug deep to find out.

  1. Book with a travel advisor

To begin your lux-ation, you’ll need a dedicated, expert travel agent to organise the trip. There’s little less luxury that organising where to go, finding flights or booking hotels yourself. No, if we’re travelling in luxury, we’ll need someone else to do it for us.

What’s more, your travel agent can not only do all the booking and itinerary sorting, but can plan some extra-special, out-of-the-ordinary experiences for while you’re there. Think a private yacht cruise down the Amalfi coast, hunting for truffles in South France or watching the running of the bulls in Spain from a private balcony.

When money is no object, the world really is your oyster.

  1. Stay in a refurbished palace or castle

What could be more royal-worthy that actually residing in a place built for royals? You don’t even have to leave the UK to live like a King, with numerous refurbished castles all across the rugged landscape of Great Britain.

If you are taking the luxury overseas, there are plenty of options there, too. Italy, Malta, the Netherlands… we could go on and on.

In fact, we did go on and on about a certain palace in India. Read about it here.

  1. Travel in style on a private plane

Forget first class, that’s for amateurs. If you really want to travel in luxury, you’ll hire out your own private plane to get from A to B (or just to enjoy the journey).

Arrive at your destination refreshed like never before. A glass of expensive wine (or three), a set menu meal in the air and an entire aircraft to yourself, what could be more luxury?

  1. Hire a private driver

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, there’s no chance you’ll be slumming it on public transport, or even finding a cab. Forget all that. No more queuing, no more luggage dragging and no more taxi haggling. Hurrah! Luxury has arrived. Go where you want, stop where you want and enjoy the complete freedom and relaxation of being driven wherever you decide to go.

  1. Dine at 5* restaurants (only)

This is a pretty obvious one. If you want to travel luxuriously, you’ll need to eat luxuriously. These days, with the ever-reaching grasp of the internet and the ever-present reviews of consumers, it’s easier than ever to pin down the very best eating spots - anywhere in the world.

If we’re thinking luxury, we’re thinking Michelin star restaurants, and that’s exactly where you should head - not once, but every night of the holiday. There are plenty of these all over Europe and likely any destination that one should decide to take a “luxury” vacation to.

Published date: 17/09/2018