AIRGOFX Travel Guide :: Top 5 International Stag / Hen do Destinations

A few weeks back, the ACE-FX blog decided to ease the terrible, terrible burden of chief bridesmaids and best men all over the realm by exploring the 5 Best European Stage/Hen Do destinations. Needless to say, the post was an incredible success, not to mention an incredible act of mercy for these poor souls. In fact, the feelings of relief were so profound and widespread that we decided to expand our great idea even further.

In the following sections, you'll see the fruits of all of our arduous and magnanimous toil. Here, we push beyond the continental boundaries that so restricted partygoers before and travel even further abroad with our Top 5 International Stag/Hen Do destinations. And why are we doing this? Because no stag or hen do group should be forced to get inebriated or arrested while shackled to the Old World. You and your friends deserve a choice. So spread your wings, precious sots, and enjoy The ACE-FX list of Top 5 International Stag/Hen Do Destinations.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Gambling, non-stop carousing, and a nurturing loss of touch with reality-- what list of international stag/hen do destinations with that gem of American culture known as Las Vegas, Nevada? Las Vegas is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World for a good reason-- because it has everything you could ever want for your stag or hen do destination.

During the day, you can venture into the desert, take a helicopter ride over the Hoover Dam, or drive an actual race car at 150 miles per hour on an oval track. Las Vegas also offers spectator and participatory sports of every variety, with amateur and professional teams and plenty of beautiful golf courses. Las Vegas also offers all the shopping and dining options you could ever dream of, with every cuisine and trend under the sun readily available.

And then come the Las Vegas nights. You and your group can get into (and slip out of, presumably) all sorts of mayhem on a given Las Vegas evening. We suggest a little area called the Las Vegas Strip, a 7 kilometer run of drinking, dancing, and gambling. For your protection, however, we do suggest you leave your debit card at home and use one of our pay as you go prepaid money cards.

New York City, New York, United States

One of the traditional greats of hen do/stag party destinations, New York City can deliver whatever sort of shindig your dark heart desires. There's the sophistication of Manhattan, the celebratory madness of Times Square, and drinking and dancing all over the five boroughs.

During daytime hours, your options are endless. The Big Apple is the center of everything wonderful about America. There's a veritable smorgasbord of professional sports, museums, and world famous tourist attractions. New York is a shopping and fashion hub as well, with the original Bloomingdale's leading the charge and incredible restaurants on every corner.

Negril, Jamaica

Fancy a destination that a bit more warm and tropical than you're likely to find in the United States? Then consider staging your stag or hen do in the resort town of Negril, Jamaica! Located 90 minutes south of Montego Bay in the Westmoreland and Hanover Parishes, Negril is a beach resort town that offers the perfect day/night setting for your group's debauchery and fun.

The Negril beach is gorgeous and expansive, with a wide variety of accommodations available directly on the sea. On the north end, you'll find several all-inclusive resort and luxurious hotels, while further south there are a number of family-owned establishments for a more subdued experience. There is also an abundance of exotic nightlife happening each evening in Negril, with dancing, music, and celebration at every turn.

The Island of Bali in Indonesia

Veering a little east, we now take you to the gorgeous island of Bali in Indonesia. Bali offers luxury in all its most wonderful forms for your stag or hen do party. Imagine your group spending its days sitting on a gorgeous strip of beach, sipping delicious cocktails you've never heard of and basking in the Southeast Asian sun.

Imagine your party taking place on a rented luxury yacht, where nearly everything goes and (almost) no one can get in trouble. Or you can spend your Bali evenings on day land, dancing and making general merriment in one of the province's dozens of super-hip clubs and bars. Bali is much more accessible than you might think and has become much more popular among British tourists the last few years with ample reason.

Bangkok, Thailand

Last but not least, we stay on the Asian continent to suggest a stag or hen do in Bangkok, Thailand. A sprawling city with a population of over 8 million people, Bangkok is yet another city that offers an incredible variety of party opportunities.

Bangkok combines a meditative sensibility with a vibrant nightlife to form one of the most fascinating cities in the world. During the day your group can visit royal palaces, quiet temples, and museums. Or you can simply rent a private pool and be catered to all day long by welcoming staff. Whatver sort of experience you choose to have, Bangkok can make it happen in style.
Published date: 07/08/2017