AIRGOFX Travel Guide :: Holidays in Hong Kong

This week, the AIRGOFX blog takes you to the incredible city of Hong Kong. A territory rich in culture, influence, and history, it's a place that truly speaks for itself. So let us stand aside and simply present the Top 10 Reasons to Take a Trip to Hong Kong.

Must See Places on Your Hong Kong Holiday

Hong Kong is one of those places where you could be dropped anywhere within its confines and have an incredible experience. Nevertheless, the following four must-see locations represent the first four reasons to visit Hong Kong.
  1. Victoria Peak. Standing almost 2,000 feet high in western Hong Kong, it’s with good reason that Victoria Peak attracts several million visitors each year. You can visit the Victoria Peak district during the day or in the evening, but we recommend a scenic tram ride to the top, where you can see the formidable Hong Kong skyline and bask in the contrast it makes with the incredible mountain topography.
  3. Ocean Park Hong Kong. A truly unique experience, Ocean Park Hong Kong is part amusement park, part oceanarium, and a great deal of fun for the whole family. Located in the Southern District of Hong Kong, Ocean Park offers visitors a thrilling blend of roller coasters, turbo drop rides, and marine wildlife habitats of every imaginable variety. We suggest you spend a day here while visiting other sites in the region.
  5. The Temple Street Night Market. Equal parts international theatre and local bazaar, the Temple Street Night Market is an incredible row of vendor booths, opera singers, and fortune tellers where visitors can purchase anything from electronics to artwork or simply stand and watch.
  7. The Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. No visit to Hong Kong is complete without a walk down this amazing path of Hong Kong culture. Stretching from the famous Clock Tower past the Cultural Center and the Space Museum, a stroll down the Tsim Sha Tsui is the ideal spot for people watching and taking a long look at the Hong Kong skyline towering over Victoria Harbor.
  8. Six More Reasons To Take a Holiday in Hong Kong

    1. Taking a quick trip on the Star Ferry from Hong Kong to Kowloon. Though the ride now lasts just under ten minutes, seeing Hong Kong coastline from the beautiful Star Ferry is an opportunity that shouldn't be missed. We suggest going aboard a few minutes before 8 pm, for a chance to witness the next item on our list.
    3. The Symphony of Lights. The Star Ferry stops for a few minutes every night to catch The Symphony of Lights, an audio-visual extravaganza that incorporates lasers and fireworks to illuminate the skylines of both Hong Kong and Kowloon.
    5. The incredible shopping opportunities. Hong Kong is a world-renowned haven for international shoppers, with everything from vast high-end malls to street vendors and antique stores available at sometimes astonishing prices.
    7. The food. With its international blend of Cantonese and other Asian cuisines, delectable fresh seafood, and Western style meal options, Hong Kong is considered by many experts to be the food capital of Asia. This status is a remarkable indicator of its truly cosmopolitan nature and the result of so many diverse cultures converging in one electrifying place. We recommend that you taste a broad sample of Hong Kong's cuisine, but you could also eat nothing but dim sum and never have the same meal twice.
    9. The sheer number of festivals, carnivals, and fairs. There's no lack of revelry in a city as diverse and densely populated as Hong Kong. It seems that every other day there's a fireworks display, a food fair, or a traditional dance festival for tourists and residents to attend. The frequency of these extravaganzas give the streets of Hong Kong a fun-filled and anticipatory air.
    11. Hong Kong's status as a way station to the rest of the Far East. With its staggering array of international flights and its central location, Hong Kong stands as a convenient point of entry for travel in mainland China and much of the East Asian world.
    12. AIRGOFX and Your Hong Kong Holiday

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      Published date: 27/09/2017