AIRGOFX Travel Guide :: Holidays In Singapore

AIRGOFX Guide to Holidays In Singapore

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The AIRGOFX Guide to Holidays in Singapore

Our series on international holiday destinations is just one more reason that AIRGOFX is one of the U.K.'s most useful and trusted firms. In it, we provide all the tips, attractions, and activities you need for a tranquil and enjoyable holiday. Together with our top-notch financial services, our international destination guides allow you to focus on the important part of your holiday-- a relaxing trip with family and loved ones.

This time out, we'll explore the magnificent island nation of Singapore in Southeast Asia. Located on the southern tip of Malaysia, Singapore is one of three recognized sovereign city-states in the world (along with Vatican City and Monaco) and one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It is comprised of one large island and some 50 or so smaller islets, with a total area of approximately 250 square miles.

The official language of Singapore is Malay, but everyone also speaks English there. A global hub for commerce and finance, Singapore is highly developed, safe, and receives some 15 million visitors a year. All in all, Singapore is a wonderful destination for British travelers.

Must-See Attractions and Must-Do Activities in Singapore

Here are five of Singapore's most wonderful attractions and activities. You can follow this list precisely or simply use it as a guide to explore this small but wonderful island nation.
  • The Singapore Flyer. Whether you choose to call it a Ferris Wheel, an observation deck, or a testament to technological hubris, The Singapore Flyer is an incredible attraction. The second largest Ferris or Observation Wheel in the world, The Flyer stands 165 meters tall and offers riders a 360-degree view of the impeccable Singapore skyline.
  • Waterfront Promenade. One of the most popular spots in the country, this is an absolutely gorgeous scenic walking area around the beautiful Marina Bay. It's approximately 3.5 km long and offers opportunities for sightseeing, people watching and shopping like none in the world.
  • The National Museum of Singapore. The largest museum in the country, the National Museum of Singapore dates back to 1849 and is a glorious testament to the nation's rich history.
  • Gardens by The Bay. This is a spectacular 250-acre nature park near that you have to see to believe. Among many other highlights, you can view the world's tallest indoor waterfall in the Gardens' Cloud Forest and witness the marvel of the Supertree Grove.
  • S.E.A. Aquarium. The Southeast Asia Aquarium is the second largest in the world and houses more than 100,000 marine species. Need we say more?
  • Tips for Traveling in Singapore

    Here are a few tips to help simplify your Singapore holiday and make it more enjoyable:
    • Singapore has a wet, tropical climate, with an average temperature of approximately 27 degrees Celsius and high levels of humidity. Because of this, light clothing is recommended.
    • The Singapore public transportation system is excellent, including busses, The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), and the Light Rapid Transit (LRT). These modes cover the entire island and can take you anywhere safely and quickly.
    • Singapore is known for its excellent international cuisine. The street food is cheap and delicious, but you're interested in more formal dining, reservations are always recommended.
    • Residents and visitors have complete freedom of worship in Singapore and all religions are practiced there.
    • The crime rate in Singapore is extraordinarily low, but authorities have stepped up security measures because of recent terrorist activities. For this and reasons, keep your passport on you at all times.
    • We truly hope that this list proves helpful to you and your family. But if you take nothing else away, know that Singapore is actually a country that speaks for itself. Simply being there amounts to a transcendent experience and will give you enriching memories to last a lifetime.
      Published date: 27/06/2017