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CurrencyWe buyWe sell
United States Dollar1.2891.254
Australia Dollar1.8571.790
Bahrain DinarsPlease call for availability
Barbados Dollar2.7452.237
Bulgaria Lev2.2462.141
Canada Dollar1.6961.644
Chile Pesos931.819800.243
China Yuan Renminbi9.0938.568
Costa Rican Colon816.878664.642
Croatia Kuna8.6868.033
Czech Koruna29.09227.470
Denmark Kroner8.4938.125
Dominican Republic Pesos68.97059.263
Hong Kong Dollar10.1849.648
Hungarian Forint379.491350.577
Iceland Kronur161.415149.863
India Rupees95.95685.392
Indonesia Rupiahs19566.03016693.952
Israel New Shekel4.7704.368
Jamaica Dollar176.117149.922
Japan Yen139.449134.007
Jordan Dinar0.9640.864
Kenya Shillings151.845116.804
Malaysia Ringgit5.4835.069
Mauritius Rupees48.24142.183
Mexico Pesos26.03223.331
New Zealand Dollar1.9651.869
Norway Kroner11.17910.583
Oman Rial0.5280.471
Philippines Pesos70.54159.437
Poland Zloty4.9654.623
Romanian Leu5.5795.128
Russia Rubles85.61675.393
Saudi Arabia Riyal4.9754.587
Singapore Dollar1.7801.677
South Africa Rand18.73117.621
South Korea Won1555.5571377.988
Sweden Kroner12.25111.515
Switzerland Franc1.2591.216
T & T Dollar9.1948.092
Taiwan New Dollars42.45236.529
Turkey Lira7.7226.802
UAE Dirhams4.7654.550
Vietnam Dong32386.62927210.684
European Union - Euro (EUR)
Euro (EUR)
*Please note we do not buy 500 Euro notes
*Please note we do not buy 1000 Swiss notes
Did you know?

If you sell 1000 EUROS to us

We will pay you on average

£73 more

Than The Post Office

If you buy £1000 of US Dollars from us

We will pay you on average

$33 more

Than Travelex